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Dress Like Missy

Costume Guide of The Michelle Gomez Doctor Who Missy 

Is Missy Really the Latest Incarnation of the Master? | Doctor Who TV

Missy (short for Mistress) is the latest incarnation in the BBC drama series Doctor Who,portrayed by Scottish actress Michelle Gomez. Missy is the oldest friend of Doctor Who and likely the archenemy of him. Missy is The Master in the series 8th,9th,10th,like other Masters,Missy also wants to control the universe and has a secondary objective to make Doctor Who suffer,she as The Master would feel pleasure in seeing the destruction of the human race. The gorgeous actress Michelle Gomez being Missy appeared in a gorgeous costume and we made it easier for you to dress yourself like Missy and introduce you to the most factual replica of Missy Costume to wear at Halloween or Comic Con to make your day appreciating for you. Here is a complete guide on how you can dress like your character Missay in different ways on different occasions,let’s read about it.

Missy Costume

Doctor Who’s villains are always back in the minds of audiences among them the most gorgeous villain Missy always wears victorian like costume,for all females who want to dress like Missy,we present you Missy Costume that is a complete package that includes a jacket,shirt and skirt,you can shop all of them in a one price and cut your losses. The pretty and impressive Missy costume will glamorize your personality. You can wear Missy Costume at Christmas,marriages,formal gatherings or you can wear its jacket or shirt with other apparels too. The Missy Costume is projected by uniform and polyester blend material.

Long Black Umbrella

Secondly, you will need to shop this long black umbrella to complete your Missy Costume. This umbrella is strongly projected and ageless,it has the auto open mechanism that makes it easier to open and close. This umbrella can protect you from strong winds,heavy rain,and gives protection against UV sun rays.

Lady Cameo Brooch

The supervillain Missy always wears this ornamental Lady Cameo Brooch in her collar,this is the most appreciation way of wearing brooch,you also need to shop this brooch to wear like Missy with complete cosplay or you can also attach this brooch on different places on different outfits to be in fashion. The Lady Cameo Brooch you can also wear this brooch as a pendant or you can shop it as a Christmas and New Year gift.

Black Lace-up Victorian Ankle Boots

With Missy Costume,you need to shop these Black Lace-up Victorian Ankle Boots,these majestic boots are highly fashionable and restful,these boots will provide you with the same engaging walk like Missy. We suggest you wear these beautiful boots at this Christmas and New Year events,concerts,marriages,official events or during work and look graceful. The Missy Victorian Ankle Boots are projected by synthetic,synthetic sole,medium heels,lace-up closure.

Fake Flowers

We present you these fake Flowers that are beautiful and plastic projected,few flowers you can arrange in your hat to complete the appearance of Missy Hat. Moreover, you can shop these flowers to put them into vases and decorate your home,table or good for wedding.

Fake Berries

At this point,you will need to shop these fake berries to arrange some of them at your hat and complete your Missy Costume. Moreover, you can decorate these berries at Christmas and New Year events,these berries wires can be twisted easily,you can arrange these fake berries at your Christmas Tree. The Berries are made up of foam material.

Black Flat Top Hat

We recommend you wear this black flat top hat with Missy Costume, as your character Missy always wears this hat in the series and looks beautiful. If you want the same beautiful appearance,then without wasting your time shop this hat at your finger click. You can wear this hat with complete cosplay or with other apparels. The flat top hat is projected by polyester and cotton. Be quick to visit our store and shop each item at a very economical price and make you avail of high-quality,fine stitching,best projection and enjoy royal treatment for our valuable customers.

Black Stockings

Black Stockings always provide a fascinating look whenever you wear them but here you need these black stockings to wear with your Missy Costume. These black stockings are projected by nylon and spandex,comfortable and easy to wear.

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