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Dress Like Negative Man

Costume Guide of The Doom Patrol Negative Man 

Matt Bomer on playing Negative Man on DC Universe's Doom Patrol

Negative Man is one of the most popular fictional characters from DC Comics and here is a large number of fans who want to wear his appearance. The character Negative Man made his special place in the hearts of audiences and his unique and amazing costume is the heart desire of his fans,you can have Negative Man Costume also known as Trainor Costume is taken from the TV show Doom Patrol,available at our store. The superhero Negative Man,portrayed by Matt Bomer and suffers traumatic,near-fatal accident in which he burns his body but gets superhuman abilities to fight against terrorism to save the society. If you really want to portray the character at Halloween Or Comic Con,then follow our below given guide to get a classy and amazing look of your character.

Doom Patrol Negative Man Jacket

The first handsome piece of your cosplay is this snappy jacket that will complete your Negative Man Costume. This first-rate jacket is smartly designed to give you a classy look whenever you wear it,especially in winter you have the marvellous look by wearing this comfortable jacket. You will always have an attractive look whether you wear this jacket with complete cosplay or with other apparels in your wardrobe at Christmas and New Year events,friends and family gatherings. The Doom Patrol Negative Man Jacket is projected by cotton,viscose lining,shearling lined lapel collar,front open style,full-length sleeves with shearling lined cuffs,waist pockets.

Negative Man Face Mask

If you want to portray the character for Halloween or Comic Con,definitely you need to shop this Negative Man Face Mask. Simply you need to wrap this breathable cotton bandage all over your face as your character and get ready for the event. Comfortable and easy to wear.

Negative Man Glasses 

At this point,you will need to shop these Negative Man Glasses to wear over your mask and complete your Negative Man Costume. The high quality plastic made sunglasses are an attractive part of your cosplay that you can wear casually on sunny days or at picnics and trips. The lenses of glasses have stain resistant coating. You can wear them for long.

Negative Man Sweatshirt

This is a pretty good sweatshirt to wear to take on an exquisite look whenever you wear it but here we especially recommend you wear this Negative Man Sweatshirt to complete your Negative Man Costume. You simply need to wear it under your Negative Man Jacket for an exact look. You can also wear this sweatshirt under your other jackets to look stylish and elegant. The Negative Man Sweatshirt is a smart choice for winter. The Negative Man Sweatshirt is projected by polyester,turtleneck style,full-length sleeves.

Negative Man Grey Pants

We present you these simple but modernized pants that will not only complete your Negative Man Costume but also bring you a way of clothing in a new style. The Negative Man Grey Pants have slim fit style but comfy you as long as you wear them,the pants can also make a good pair with other shirts or t-shirts in your wardrobe. You can wear these highest quality pants with complete cosplay or with other apparels. Shop your stylish pants for Christmas and New Year events,concerts,gatherings,for work. The Negative Man Grey Pants are projected by cotton,fly zipper button closure,slim fit style.

Negative Man Fingerless Gloves 

We present you these fingerless gloves that will complete your Negative Man Costume,the leather made gloves can protect you against cold weather while riding a bike,the gloves have padding inside to keep you safe from minor injuries. You can wear them with your cosplay or with other apparels while riding,hiking,trips,gym.

Negative Man Lace Up Boots 

Finally, we present you ultra-stylish boots that are comfortable also to complete your Negative Man Costume. If you wear these boots,you can take bold but relaxed steps in style in every field of life as your character Negative Man. you can make your every journey memorable and comfortable by wearing these boots whether you wear them with complete cosplay or with other apparels,they are good for hiking,travelling,trips. The Negative Man Lace Up Boots are projected by leather,commando sole,lace-up closure. All the above items are projected by premium quality and you can wear them in different ways on different occasions,if you shop these items from our store you can shop them at economical prices that will definitely meet your pockets,without wasting a time make a quick visit to our store where you can get high-quality,fine stitching,best projection and royal treatment for our valuable customers. What are you waiting for!

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