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Justice Smith Pokemon Detective Pikachu Costume Guide

Full Guide of Pokemon Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman Costume

Justice Smith Tim Goodman Pokémon Detective Pikachu Black Jacket

Tim Goodman is the main character from the famous video game and movie Detective Pikachu. He is the son of a well known Detective Harry Goodman who goes missing and is declared to be dead. Tim is a very compassionate and caring person but his relationship with his father wasn’t too good especially after his mother’s death which left him mostly bitter. When he discovered that his father had gone missing, Tim was left bewildered and found himself inclined to searching for his father. This proves that Tim will help whoever is in need of it regardless of their relationship. He teamed up with Detective Pikachu, his father’s former partner and together they went on a mission to find Harry Goodman. Tim Goodman is played by the phenomenal Justice Smith. Here we have an informative guide how to transform yourself into the most adored Tim Goodman!

Tim Goodman Leather Jacket

Tim Goodman is a teenager who appears to be a fan of layered clothing. His original design in the game and in the movie both include a leather jacket so it is a must to include in the Tim Goodman costume. This leather jacket is the exact replica of the jacket worn by Justice Smith in the movie. It is made of genuine leather and the interior consists of viscose lining for additional comfort. The jacket includes a fur collar and cuffs, a zipper closure and two side pockets.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman T-shirt

Tim Goodman’s costume also consists of graphic T-shirt with an artsy logo in black and red. This T-shirt is exactly like the one Tim wears and it is limited edition so grab it before it runs out! The shirt is made of high standard and breathable fabric, and it is available in all sizes at a reasonable cost. It will look fabulous under the leather jacket and can be worn for casually for everyday purpose aside from cosplaying.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman Jeans 

A nice pair of bottoms are a must have for a complete and perfect outfit. These Levis black jeans are just what you need for your Tim Goodman costume! They are made of 100% cotton and the fine stitching guarantees durability so they can be used for long term purpose. The jeans consist of a button closure which is preferred by majority for ease and comfort.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman Sneakers

The final addition to your Tim Goodman costume are these fantastic PUMA Suede Classic Plus Sneakers. They are made of 100% premium quality Suede fabric and are internally padded for comfort of the feet. These sneakers also consist of a rubber sole for easy grip. The carrot red colour is the highlight of the feature of these sneakers which makes them stand out in public. These sneakers look exactly like the ones Tim wears in the movie plus the fine quality is why we recommend them the most for your costume!

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