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Overwatch Game Tracer Costume Guide

Costume Guide of The Overwatch Tracer 

HD wallpaper: Overwatch, Tracer (Overwatch), Lena Oxton | Wallpaper Flare

Lena Oxton known as Tracer is a fictional playable character who appears in the 2016 video game Overwatch-a first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. She is one of the most recognizable characters,her character in the game features tight orange pants,goggles,and cross-like shoes,she is peppy and energetic. Tracer has low health but is highly active with her skills including a telephone-like ability and time-travel. If you are a gamenow player you are surely well-known about this character Tracer. But now we present here a collection of Tracer Costumes for all those ladies who are fans of Tracer or who love to wear new-fashioned outfits. The Tracer costume is ready to shop at our store at a pocket friendly price where you can get high-quality and fine stitching along with customer care that no one else can provide you together. Here is a complete guide on how you can dress like your character Tracer and appear like a superhero.

Tracer Suede Shearling Jacket

Here we present you a well-groomed Tracer jacket that will complete your character Tracer Costume and precisely fit your personality and improve its charm. The character Tracer always wears this ritzy brown well-fitted jacket in the game Overwatch. You can also dress yourself to make everyone crazy about your style by wearing this pretty jacket. Either you wear this jacket at Halloween,Comic Con or with other apparels at concerts,parties,friends and family gatherings,casually during work,you will get a captivating look. Tracer Jacket is projected by leather,shearling lining inside,stand up collar,zippered closure,full-length sleeves,open hem cuffs.

Tracer Wig 

We present you here spiked up hairstyle Tracer Wig that will give you a facelift look and accomplish your character Tracer Costume. The Tracer wig is relaxing and easy to wear all day long. This wig will give you your character Tracer full-dress look. The wig is projected by thin fibres that gives original hair look,you can dress in this wig with full cosplay at Halloween,Comic Con or academic performances.

Tracer Legging

Now you can have on the muscled tracer Legging that will execute your character Tracer Costume and deliver you a perfect look of your character Tracer. As you know the character  wears these tighter-fitter leggings in the game Overwatch and looks devastating. You can also possess the same gorgeous appearance while wearing these orange and yellow contrast leggings. Whether you wear these leggings with complete cosplay at Halloween,Comic Con or with other apparels at concerts,parties,friends and family gatherings,trips,you will get a lovely look.Tracer Leggings are projected by polyester and pull on style.

Tracer Complete Armor Pack including Holster Shoes and Glasses

Now you can grab a good opportunity to save your time and money by purchasing our package of Tracer armor which includes a holster,shoes and glasses that is good for all penny wise ladies. The Tracer Armor Pack will complete your character Tracer Costume.

Tracer Suit Costume

We would like to make you avail of our Tracer Suit Costume that is a faultless package which includes costume suit,gloves and helmet,by purchasing this Tracer Suit Costume,you will save your money and time,definitely it would be a square deal to personify yourself with your character Tracer at one and only  price.

Tracer Shoes 

Now make some advancement into your way of walking while wearing our Tracer Shoes that will finalize your character Tracer Costume. As you know your character tracer wears these high-flown shoes and can travel in the time while wearing these shoes in the game Overwatch. You can also run with the time while wearing our wonderful Tracer Shoes. Either you wear these Tracer Shoes with cosplay at Halloween,Comic con or you wear them with other apparels at concerts and parties,you will engage all eyes on your style. The Tracer Shoes are projected by leather,rubber sole,pull on style, white and black.

Tracer Gun

Now you can shop this Tracer Gun that is an important accessory to complete your character Tracer Costume and give you a superhero look. You can carry the gun with complete cosplay at Halloween or Comic Con. The Tracer Gun is harm-free and playable,having features of sound and light, you can shop this gun as a gift to your kids. The Tracer Gun is projected by high-quality plastic and looks original.

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