hjacket presents clients with all the facilities. we put all our efforts for the benefits of our buyers. for the convenience of the customers, easiest return and exchange policy is favour. simple return and exchange guidelines are offered to the customers for 30 days by following the rules and regulations.

hjacket has originated a chart for accurate size. therefore, before placing your order, make sure to put your correct size according to your actual measurement. we rigidly follow the measurements given to us, therefore, this step is very necessary. not to mention but our goal is to design you a high class and bizarre jacket. for any sort of difficulty contact our team of skilled operators at hjacket within one week after receiving your order. do not forget that after one week or 7 working days, the facility to exchange and return jacket will not be obtained when the jacket receives for custom orders. in case you are having trouble, contact our customer care service instantly. you are escorted to email customer support team.

if there is any mistake in the size or if there is any difference in designing, colour or pattern present on the website, you are free to communicate us for the return and exchange facility. you need to send us the snaps of the jacket you just received within a week or seven working days after you receive your order.

if you have ordered more than one similar product, particularly the difference of size at a single time, You cannot avail the convenience of Return/Exchange This is only because of our security. Many people mistreat this favour to resale price and exchange the item. If it is not traded, they want to avail the service of return and exchange for the product claim through trial and order different size of the same jacket. So, choose one that is just according to the return policy. We provided the best size measurement sizing chart on hjacket.com. Our recommendation is that check twice your size before arranging an order. It will spare both of us.

you have to pay $60 as restocking charges in case you choose the wrong size for your garb and you want now to exchange the item. in case you only want to return the garb, $50 would be deducted from the restocking price. as a customer, you have to pay the charges for shipping in case you want to return, exchange or refund the product.

You won’t be given the convenience of replacement or improvement for the product’s color and measurement after two working days for regular shipping and twenty hours for the fast shipping of your order placing. We give the fastest delivery method so; your item will be sent for processing within 02 business days for shipping and twenty hours for the fast shipping of order placement.

in case you want to cancel your order, make sure to make a request within 24 hours of placing the order. after that process, the following terms and conditions are applied:

within 3 working days of cancelling the order, will lead you to a deduction of 25% from your paid amount.

it will cause you 40% deduction from the amount you had paid for the item in case you cancel your order just before shipping process.

If you want return or exchange or refund, as a client you will pay the shipping charges.

your item is checked by our team of skilled inspectors who check the color, stitching, measurement, pattern and the quality of material before sending your item. if your item is corrupted during the process of shipping, you can get the replacement of the product with same size and quality. just email us at sales@hjacket.com. also do attach the snaps with the email without removing the tag within 24 hours after getting the order.

you are able to entreat for a total refund including your shipping fees for the ordered item in case the delivery of the product passes 29 working days. after the final confirmation of customer order and payment confirmation, the counting of 29 days begin. after the final confirmation, you still not receive the order within six working days, feel free to contact our customer care for tracking the order and updates. you are allowed to claim the amount for the jacket including the shipping charges (if any) if the order is not shipped within seven working days.