Shipping & Handling

 Our company is spread all over the world and or jackets are delivered all around the globe. After the payment clearance, the shipment procedure takes around 12 to 14 days. We email you holding the details to track your order and about the product shipping information when we ship your order. In case your order is delayed than the time you are provided with, you can contact us instantly through our email for further interrogations and we assure you to give an instant response. only due to the shortage of fabric or quality checking, the order is delayed sometimes. in some states, the shipping takes about 20 days or more as depending on the condition.

What is worldwide shipping

 we are offering free worldwide shipping services but in case if you want your order to be delivered in a short time as compared to the estimated time period, we hold policies on expediting shipping which costs about $30. in such case, you will receive your order in about 6 to 8 working days from process to delivery. we do not place our shipment by courier, the jacket for the delivery will be taken into account.

What about shipping access

 for our unique methods of shipments, our jackets are very famous. only the trusted sources like DPEX worldwide Express, USPS, Fedex worldwide Express, DHL, Global and TNT etc are used for shipments. for our valued clients we are maintaining, therefore, we provide you with the shipping and tracking details which we have transferred you from here via email. you can leave the absence not or can assign your neighbour for receiving the order in case if you are not available at the time of delivery. therefore, they can sign the related paper and can get your product on your behalf according to your granted permission.

What are applicable notes for sure?

 At first, keep in mind that on the basis of the information we are provided by you, our fastest and accurate delivery depends upon it, like your address where you want the order to be shipped and your accurate contact number. we do not send our deliveries via PO Boxes APO/FPO addresses. Therefore, it is very important for you to provide us with your contact accurately with a complete residential address for delivery.

 When do you receive notifications by us?

 When your order is placed, you will get a notification concerning the confirmation and a copy of a receipt of the item you selected. In case, you seem not to receive any kind of notification by us, it means that your registration is not successful because of some sort of technological difficulties. In such a circumstance, your order will not pass to the shipment department until the time you receive the verification receipt.

How do you claim for delayed delivery and damaged item?

we recompense if you do not receive your parcel or can not track your consignment within the given time period only to provide our customers with outstanding services. your balance will be returned in the PayPal account or credit card or replacement will be given.

in case, you receive a contaminated product or something, not yours, you can contact our helpline via email within seven working days after the order has delivered.

What is the estimated delivery time?

 From our shipping department, it usually takes about 2 to 5 days to reach your doorstep. We will send you an email containing the tracking ID and the shipping details.

When delivery becomes a “gift”?

 To prevent issues like government red tape or system problems, we list your order as a “gift”. For any further interrogations, contact us via email.

Where do we ship?

 Being an international jacket producer and provider we make deliveries in uncountable countries that includes U.K, Europe, U.S and all the Asian countries. It does not matter from where are we shipping your order as we have different shipping point in various countries. we are very stern regarding our quality control staff. we only do shipping once the item ordered has passed the checking steps. for fastest deliveries, we also do overseas shipping. you can claim us after going through our return and exchange policy if you are not satisfied with the product for the interests of both of us.